Monday, September 24, 2012

100 things about me... (I stole my sister's idea!!!)

So after reading my sisters 100 things you wont know, it occured that a) I did not know a lot of things about my sister and b) It would be fun to do it myself.  So here goes.

1. I believe in God.
2. I like trucks.  Not just regular trucks, big lifted trucks!
3. In the last election I voted for McCain.
4. If I had the choice I would take Mint N Chip ice cream for $1.68 from Rite Aid over a $3.50 scoop anywhere else.
5. I was Golfer of the Year my Senior year of high school.
6. I am obsessed with the color pink!
7. I would love to write a book at some point in my life.
8. I  have been to 33 states and Canada.
9. The first time I flew was with my two best friends at the time to Maryland to see my exboyfriend.
10. I am severely closterphobic which my sister used to love to provoke by trying to cover my head with a pillow.
11. When my family moved into our new house, my sister and I created the bobsled, where we would run down the hall and slam into my bed.
12. My sister is responsible for breaking one of my arms (Don't worry I forgive her, it was partially my fault.)
13. I have been in the Budweiser blimp, like the one that flies over the superbowl.
14. My first major surgery was getting my tonsils removed and it was an absolute nightmare.
15. I didnt like my now brother in law for a few months after meeting him.  ( I love him to the moon and back now)
16. Everyone says I came out of the womb talking up a storm.
17. I am really good with computers.
18. I used to get made fun of my 8th grade year for having bangs.
19. My first car was a Toyota Cressida.
20. My dad used to call me spider monkey.
21. My first kiss was from a boy who was my best friend from kindergarten to 8th grade.
22. Ive dated more guys than I had ever wanted to, still not willing to settle.
23.  I used to be able to fit my whole body through a coat hanger, I have pictures to prove it.
24.  I invented the halt caboot way of stopping. (dont ask)
25. I was offered a scholarship to CSU Monterey Bay for golf and turned it down.
26. I have only been spanked once in my life and I think it hurt my dad more than me.
27. My moms parents always accused my sister and I of leaving butt prints in the back seat of their dodge on long road trips.
28. I absolutely hate getting gas because everytime I fill up my truck I could buy a pair of expensive MissMe jeans.
29. I have broken two toes from running down the hallway and catching them on door jams.
30. I have had more concussions than anyone should ever experience.
31. I played softball in high school but am actually really terrified of the sport. (1 concussion came from softball)
32. I think my sister is by far one of the most incredible people I could have ever been blessed with to be my sister.
33. I am beyond close to my family.
34. I once got grounded for shoving peas down the bathroom sink so I wouldn't have to eat them. (It got clogged and my dad was pissed!)
35. I have chronically chewed gum for so many years that I medically cant chew it anymore because my jaw muscle is "tired" and cant handle it anymore.
36. I have only gotten in two minor accidents, one, the lady parked illegally in an exit driveway, (the cop said it still didnt give me a reason to hit it, well obviously!) The second was when I backed into my mothers beautiful diesel truck.  Yes both times I hit parked cars. :(
37. I'm notorious for driving to the country when i'm upset.
38. My fifth grade teacher tried to fail me and have me held back because I couldnt go on the annual 5th grade trip to camp green meadows, he was even aware the reason I missed it was because my grandma was battling cancer and that same year lost her fight. 
39. When I was little my dad would let my sister and I was his hair in our Fisher Price sink and i'm confident that is why he is balding because we were anyting but gentle.
40.  I was the 36th kid in the US to be diagnosed with a rare auto inflammatory disease which attacks your muscles, at the age of 11.
41. My sister used to call me a big pile of poop when I was a baby, I think she meant well, not sure haha.
42. I once got stage 3 bronchitis from mowing the lawn.
43. I honestly dont know if I want children.
44. I popped my knew out while walking to the shower then a month later proceeded to climb Mount Rushmore in a leg brace that went from my hip to my ankle.  My father had to carry me down because I was in so much pain.
45. Last semester was the only time in my college career that I have not gotten a C and only got A's and B's.
46. I was denied by my parents insurance at one time for having acid reflux.
47. I used to be glued to my mothers hip when I was a child. 
48. I hate to read and the only things I ever enjoyed reading were Bernstein Bear books. 
49.  One of my most prideful moments is when my parents renewed their wedding vows and my dad let me hold the rings.
50. I dont like eating coconut.
51. I have a bad habit of exaggerating the size of a spider just so my dad will come rushing in and kill it.  Then harass me for my size comparison later.
52. I had a security blanket when I was a kid and it was called my lovey.
53. I have only ever lived in two houses.
54. My grandpa taught me how to drive out in Firebaugh, in his old scout, right next to a river. Mom was not happy.
55. I was terrified of rollercoasters till my dad convinced me to try and get on one, he had a very difficult time peeling me off of it because I fell in love with them.
56. I hate swimming but am proud I know how. I would consider myself a glorified floater when it comes to water.
57. I used to want to be a professional ice skater.
58. I am a very friendly person and can find something to talk about with almost anyone.
59. I am better at helping others communicate than I am with applying it to my own life.
60. Half the time when I talk I talk too fast and my grandpa can never understand what i'm saying.
61. I love being on stage singing and acting.
62. I was brought up with the knowledge that it is completely acceptable to eat dessert before dinner.
63. I dont like fish sticks.
64. I love quads.
65. I hate cleaning my room.
66. My favorite lines that I quote from movies are, "Its okay, I make lamb" and, "So you were in the shower?"
67. I have few close friends and most of them are guys.
68. My dad and I have a handshake that we do almost everynight before I go to bed.
69. I am a manager for a major corporation.
70. Once while fishing on vacation I accidently hooked my sister on to the line while winding up to cast out.
71. I have a crush on Tim Tebow.
72. I believe God is why I am alive and well right now.
73. I have my Notary commission and have had it since 6 months after I turned 18.
74. I will own my own 5th wheel one day.
75. I have only towed our trailer once and it was not a pleasant experience, a squirrel ran out in front of me and immediately my dad told me to NOT hit the breaks.
76. I have been on television.
77. My sister and I used to have enough barbie accessories that we would build a barbie camp in our living room.
78. I have been told by a teacher that he feels sorry for me that I was passed along in school and was told I was a good writer.  Thats funny because I have received spots on television, in magazines and awards for my writing. Just saying.
79. I was brought up knowing you are not entitled to success you have to make it happen on your own.
80. I used to have a play house that had the same address as my house but had 1/2 after it.  (It really did have an address on the side of it, it was legit.)
81. My dad never questioned whether he should show my sister and I how to shoot, fish, golf or camp and I am so grateful for that.
82. When I get my feelings hurt you will hear about it within an hour of it happening.
83. I hate being upset for more than a day.
84. I can't go to bed angry.
85. I am obsessed with sunflower seeds.
86. My parents met on a blind date, my sister and her husband met on a blind date so apparently that might be an option for me..
87. I love wearing cowboy boots.
88. My first concert was Keith Urban, my second was Rascal Flatts and Jay DeMarcus bent down off stage to hug me. I cried.
89. I dont like raw fish, or fish at all besides shrimp.
90. I have no patience for people who merge onto the freeway doing 45 miles an hour, Get it together people!
91. I begged my dad to get a dog and a month later lost interest in taking care of it.
92. All the girls in my family drive trucks and my dad drives an expedition.
93. I love Disney movies and Disneyland.
94. I dont like to party or drink.
95. I was raised to be a respectable, responsible young lady.
96. I love make up.
97. I would rather buy a purse than a shirt.
98. I now own more red and khaki than I ever thought I would.
99. My parents always said to be a leader not a follower.
100. I would do anything for my family and friends that I love so much.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reasons to shop at Target!

Well I have finally come off my summer vacation and if you havent noticed it was a 3 month long hiatus from blogging! I did a lot of traveling and a lot of working but most of all I did a lot of thinking.  I was blessed to receive an internship opportunity with Target and I honestly had no idea what I was in for.  I really did think in the beginning of the summer that I was going to gain work experience, however now almost at the end, I gained so much more than that.  Target is a great company to work for, shop at and get involved with.  Over this last summer I was able to get involved with the community and give back in so many ways.  People either love or hate Target, personally I do not know how anyone could hate it but thats just me.

I was a devoted Target shopper long before I started working there and sadly working there has only fueled the fire.  That being said, I am even more proud to shop there after this summer I just experienced.  Target cares! Thats the bottom line.  It is not all about money and selling products for them it is about giving back and helping people in the communities surrounding Target stores.  Not only do we care about the community, we care about education! Target is on goal to have donated 1 billion dollars to education by 2015. Thats INCREDIBLE! At least you know your money is going to good use when you shop there. 

What prompted this blog post of mine might you ask?  Well yesterday I had the priveledge of being apart of a community event with Target.  We partnered with the Salvation Army to help children who were less fortunate have a mini shopping spree at Target! Each child was given $80.00 to use for school supplies, clothes and even food for their lunches.  I was fortunate enough to get partnered with a 6 year old girl who truly touched my heart.  She was so grateful to get a new pair of hot pink shoes and some new clothes for school.  Everything that came out of her mouth could have easily brought me to tears, and after it was all over with it did bring me to tears.  I am beyond grateful for the life that I have been given.  I was given two healthy and able parents who worked exceedingly hard to provide for my sister and I.  I never had to know what it was like to never have had a new pair of shoes or a jacket to wear to school.  It is a humbling experience to spend an hour with a 6 year old who has had so many trials in her life already at that age, then I have had to deal with for the most of mine. 

The amount of times I counted my blessings yesterday was truly remarkable.  Every single thing I did yesterday reminded me of how lucky I am.  I am blessed to work for Target and am thrilled that I get to help contribute to making a difference in kids lives just like that 6 year olds yesterday.  I have a heart to give and a day like yesterday reminds me of what it is all about! GO SUPPORT TARGET!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Investing in our Youth!

Well finals came and went and by the grace of God I finished out my Junior year of college!!!! Woohoo! I'm officially a Senior! On the last day of my classes I had a really interesting topic come up in one of my Communication classes.  It revolved around technology and our youth, which really got me thinking.  How much do we actually invest in our youth?  Sadly I think the answer is not what it should be.  How often do we actually try to connect with our youth kids these days, and not through Facebook or Twitter?  Not that often. 

I had the opportunity to speak with high school students at a local high school a few weeks ago and let me tell you how incredible it felt to connect with them.  Not via Ipad or cell phone, but to actually sit in front of them and talk one on one.  It made me realize the potential that kids these days have, and that all they need is a bit of guidance.  Everyone likes to complain about how our youth is corrupted and impolite, well yes I might agree with you in most cases, but are we doing anything to try to help that issue resolve itself?  Not really.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when a child is disrespectful.  You can only imagine my frustration considering a large part of the population does not understand the meaning of respect.  However after sitting down with these high school students, they rejuvenated my hope of a better tomorrow. 

One of the biggest areas that is lacking is parental support and discipline.  If the parent is not polite or respectful, how do you expect the child to be?  I do not understand how we have transitioned so much from the 50's and 60's where kids were terrified of their parents to now the parents are terrified of the kids.  Last time I checked, you were the parent, act like it.  It all starts at home and I think people have taken that lightly.  I commend my parents for never trying to be my friend, they were first and foremost my parents, then after years of respecting them, they became my friends. 

Our youth is the future for tomorrow and although people love to criticize and say it is bleak, we can actually contribute and change it.  If we invest in education and activities more, we will occupy their minds with good things as opposed to all the recent trash on the news.  Even if you have a good relationship with your child, maybe reach out to their friends and help build them up.  I know in my house, my friends needed to be as respectful as I was and if they were not, my parents had no problem putting them in their place to let them know it was unacceptable.  Parents need to not try to do their kids a favor by being their friend.  Do them justice and be a parent! Children will not understand the positive effects of discipline till they are my age, but let me put your mind to rest, they will realize it and thank you!

Have a great day and God Bless!!! :))

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Wishful Goal, Turned Into Reality!!

What a wonderful day today has been! Got to see my family, a solar eclipse and am slowly getting to rest.  I am so very excited to be finishing up my junior year at school and it is finally sinking in that BIG things are happening.  So it only seemed appropriate that tonights post be about gratefulness.  I know I always talk about how blessed I am, and tonight is no different. 

When people say persistance pays off, they truly know what they are talking about.  I never really understood that until recently.  Mostly because I have hit more brick walls and dead ends than anyone should ever humanly have to.  However tonight I come to you as a very confident and excited woman! I remember the last week of my high school career, my business teacher asked us what our main goal was when it came to working.  I remember answering, "To be an executive at a leading corporation." How incredible is it for me to sit here and write that the very thing I wanted the most my senior year is happening and all at the age of 23. 

Words can not express my gratitude for this company to take a chance on me and build me up in so many ways.  I never thought in a million years my dream would come true and so soon! However I think God's timing was perfect.  After being beaten down a million times and told numerously that I cant accomplish a certain goal, I am finally proving everyone wrong.  I do not take this responsibility lightly however.   

I can honestly say every tear, sigh of frustration, scream of anxiety and slammed door was a stepping stone to get me to this opportunity today.  I meet my new team in about two weeks and am completely excited to be apart of this adventure.  I have to thank my family for being there for me.  This last year especially has taught me so much and I have grown an unbelievable amount.  Obviously every family has crazy moments but they have never left my side and always pushed me to pursue bigger dreams when I accomplish even the smallest of ones. 

Being pushed to the limit is a blessing because I know what I can handle and know just how tough I can be.  I want to even thank the people who told me a couldnt accomplish everything I wanted.  You not only put fire in my eyes but drive in my soul, I can honestly sit here and say I no longer hold grudges toward you. I have the best family and friends and even my followers on Twitter who have been more than uplifting! Hopefully I can still bring inspiration to all of you and you continue to return the favor on a daily basis.  I am blessed, happy and will never take any of this for granted.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed big or small.  Blessed would not even sum up my emotion right now.  I am beaming! THANK YOU!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Motivation and Leadership!

Today I got the opportunity to go back to high school. Thankfully it was only for an hour because I dont think I could handle it being any longer than that.  I am in a leadership class this semester and had the assignment to create a project that reached out to the community.  Luckily I am blessed with knowing a BUNCH of people in my community because when it came to decide the project for my group, I knew just who to call.  Our group decided it would be most beneficial to reach out to students, more specifically high school students.  I remember when I was in high school and preparing for college, I was beyond excited, but that was because I was living in a fantasy world that revolved around always listening to what was being said but never investigating it on my own.  Today I got to change that vicious cycle and actually contribute. 

Ever since I started this leadership class it has really expanded my knowledge of what it means to be a leader.  I always considered myself the leader type however over the last couple of months I have noticed that urge to lead become more strong.  It was really moving to talk to these high school students because I remember when I was in their shoes and was getting ready to face the world.  They were very interactive and responsive which  made the meeting that much more fun.  Today really made me realize that I would love to do that all the time.  I love talking to students and am beyond comfortable in front of a crowd. I know its hard to believe, for those that know me, that I like to talk but its true. (haha) 

How many times a day do our acitivities require a leader?  Whether it be at home or at work, at least 1 time through out the day you have to make a call and make a decision that has to do with leadership.  Do you respond with disgust or anger, or do you realize that this is your chance to make a difference today.  I have really been thinking differently lately and with that comes conviction of what i'm doing with my life.  I know my goals and I know i'm accomplishing them but are all my actions leadership like? Probably not.  In fact I can think of countless things that are very unleaderish that I do.  However today really hit me that I need to make this an everyday thing. 

My friends always like to make fun of me that i'm normally the mom of the group and I consider that a leadership quality.  I want to encourage you all to be a leader.  We have too many people in the world just following the group and being a part of the crowd.  Stand up and stand out! Make wise decisions and take others into consideration before you act.  Have a great day and God bless!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

12 Years Without Her...

Today is a very bittersweet day for me.  I am completely excited it is May 1st and my birthday is in 10 days, however 12 years ago, this day was the worst day of my life.  I can't believe when I stop, sit and think about it, that it has been 12 years.  For 12 years ago, I was a little girl, a girl with huge ambitions of seeing the world and chasing every dream that came to mind.  Everything was perfect, then my world shattered into a million pieces.  Trying to figure out how to cope I took my anger out on God.  I disliked him for years and really did not know how I would ever have peace with the situation.  A little girl who was more confused that she ever knew was possible. 

I was incredibly close to my grandma, I saw her almost every weekend and loved her so much it still hurts to this very day.  I lost an angel in my life that day, and feel blessed to know that she is up above watching me.  She has seen me accomplish so many of my life goals and is probably laughing at how much I haven't changed and am still very much like that little girl.  The girl who could not go ten seconds without speaking and would sit in front of her for her to scratch my back for hours on end.  It is hard to believe how fast time flies when you aren't paying attention. 

The word cancer wasn't even mentioned throughout my life because I never really knew anyone that had it, and then when she got it, it was terrifying. How could this disease take a persons life without any regard to that person or her family.  I never hate anyone or anything but let me just say this I HATE CANCER! I will be honest though, even though I only got to know her for 10 years, those 10 years made an impression that will last a lifetime. 

She taught me so many valuable lessons about life and what is truly important.  She had a way of putting everything into perspective and making the world shine around her.  I am beyond sad that she had to leave, but feel beyond blessed I got to know her at all. You never realize how precious life is until you lose someone.  Then you realize just what matters and who matters the most. 

I finally got right with God and realized that everything happens for a reason and although I may not understand that reason, it is worth trusting Him and knowing the He does.  I know everything is a part of the big picture so therefore I will continue to believe in His will. I hope you all go and hug someone today and realize how special they are to your life.  Maybe you should thank them for contributing in a small or large way.  Have a great day!! God Bless!

Gwen Goodwin you will forever be an angel watching over me and for that I am grateful.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready, Set.... FINISH!

Let the countdown begin... School is out in less than a month and my life has officially become all about group projects and finals. Although its been hard to make time for other things, like life, its the sweet little reminders that make me remember to come up for air.  This week has been beyond hectic with being sick and trying to coordinate 4 group projects, yes that's right 4 groups with 4 sets of different people. Let me just say, organizing is not one of my strong points and this week it had to be. Anyway, this morning I got to sleep in and enjoyed every second of it.  As soon as I woke up immediately I remembered everything I have to do today, and then looked at my phone...

My amazing sister called.  Normally when she leaves a voicemail its either seriously important or some random thought she had.  Today is was more hilarious than normal.  She called to tell me that this was the anniversary of when Beethoven created my favorite song Fur Elise (the only song I can play on the piano from memory).  This random voicemail made me crack up with hysterical laughing because she always gives me a hard time about never memorizing any other song, and because she had a giggle in her voice that took me straight back to when she was a little kid.  What Steph did not realize is how much I needed to hear that message.  I have been so stressed and worried about school that I have pretty much forgotten about everything else. 

Which brings me to today's discussion topic.  Family, where would we be without them? The beauty about being in a family is that they are genetically tied to you from the point of birth to the rest of your life.  Whether or not you actually get along with them is another story.  I am beyond blessed to have my family because they have supported me through every single thing I ever wanted to do.  It is easy to get caught up with everything in life and forget to remember that without people to share it with, it would have no meaning.  I can't remember how many times I told my family I wasn't going to college after high school, and now I am pulling better grades than ever and will be starting a VERY exciting internship in June. Do not be one of those people to be so concerned with life and its "stuff" that you forget who you are and who you have. 

My sister means the world to me and I can honestly say that although we may have had our arguments over the years, there is not one single thing I would not do for her.  From long road trips across the US and crazy nights, to bobsledding down the hall and random adventures chasing transit buses, she is my very best friend and love her dearly.  God is so great and merciful, He has given me so much and put people in my life to remind me of His grace.  Who is the person who keeps you grounded? Have you thanked them today? Do me a favor and give them a hug! Have a great Friday everyone, be safe and be blessed! :)