Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bullying at its best...

Well now that the holidays are over and my waistline has increased, I can finally sit down and reflect on this past year. Although I am sad to see another year end, I am truthfully excited for the new opportunities that 2012 will bring. However while working in retail these last couple of months my heart has been saddened in quite a few ways. I love my job and enjoy pretty much everything about it. From my coworkers to the children who pass through my line, I love it! After taking all these things into consideration I have to call out one issue that seems to be a constant in the retail world. Yup, you guessed it, bullying. Now I will be the first person to admit that when this whole bullying issue arose I shrugged my shoulders and did not really pay attention to anything about it, however now I completely agree that is an ever growing epidemic. I myself have become a victim of bullying recently and have it coming at me from all directions. Instead of playing the victim and curling up in the fetal position and crying about it, I plan to take a stand and make it known that it is not okay. What most people do not realize is that most of the time the one who is doing the bullying has been bullied themselves. I have customers come in all the time that love to use their classic, "You do not know what you are talking about get me someone who is more intelligent," line. Well the buck stops here. To all my friends reading this right now, help me put an end to this cruel, unnecessary way of life. I feel awful that these people believe they have the RIGHT to bully me, or anyone else for that matter, and try to make me feel like less of a being. However it has not worked, and will continue to be ineffective. I guess it goes back to the old school saying, "If you do not have anything nice to say than do not say anything at all." LIVE BY IT PEOPLE! If you are the victim of bullying or downright cruelty, you do not have to take it, set boundaries and standards. Let the person bullying you know that they are messing with the wrong person and simply kill them with kindness. Although it may be hard to believe right now, but standing up for yourself will make you feel liberated and strong, and that is a feeling that not even the cruelest of words can take away from you.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Now he's with her and you're alone...

Reason number 324 why I love college and my major: Communications courses apply to your life in every aspect. Yesterday I went to class just like I normally would and normally I would probably retain a 5th of what was actually said however yesterday was different. One of the biggest reasons why I love my major is because it sparks thought. For someone like me who is always thinking this major is perfect for me. My professor was explaining the reasoning behind why when you break up with a person they seem to almost always find someone else to date or even marry right away. I always thought it was a coincidence until now. The reason is this: when two people are dating and they get in disagreements they are secretly sorting out their own life while arguing about their significant others. So when you break up they seem to always find their ideal person because all the time spent arguing and disagreeing with you made them, and yourself, realize the type of people you are. As my professor put it, "you should be proud you helped straighten out all their issues and take some credit." Although in theory that is flattering and great it is easier said than done. Normally we feel resentment that the other person could move on so quickly and trust me I am just as guilty of it as the next person. However after yesterdays class I no longer hold a grudge on this subject, I am suddenly proud and happy that I somewhat contributed to the happiness and future of that significant other. Now they will probably read this and laugh and think that I'm off my rocker but one day they will see the light like I have and realize that just as I am grateful for them, they should be grateful for me. The beauty of relationships is you got into them thinking the person on the other end was worth taking a chance on, and although that doesn't always end up being your feelings in the end, never regret the time you spent together. I have been out on a lot of first dates and it rarely goes past that, the few and far between I took the time to take a chance on should feel flattered because I am the first to admit I am picky. So it only makes sense that I should be happy and encouraging to them pursing whatever it is they feel the need to pursue, after all I once saw a possibility in them so why shouldn't others. After class yesterday I drove home and honestly had a smile on my face because just as they have moved on I can smile and say that I have done the same and am grateful I have learned so much about myself in the process. God bless!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

With age comes wisdom, or so it should....

I have always lived under the misconception that people who are older are wiser. I never understood it was a misconception until recently. I think most of us live in a fantasy world that creates this mold of what people should be like. I am no exception to the rule, I let the world and the people around me dictate how I view others. The sad truth is, now that I form my own opinions I wish I could go back to the fantasy land I once lived in. I now believe that people are cruel just for the pure fact they are miserable and want company. Forgive me for the lack of sympathy but it is the truth. I could spend my time being miserable and trying to bring people down, when in reality that is not who I am at all. I would rather spend time building people up and helping them survive in a world that has become more cold than the breeze outside my door. Everyone has their struggles and while others voice theirs quite loudly, I would rather not share my problems. However here is a little insight as to why I wake up every morning grateful for what God has given me. I was diagnosed with a rare ankle disorder at the age of 10. I was the 36th kid in the United States to ever have this problem, I am the ONLY one who to this day can walk without crutches or is not completely immobile and confined to a wheel chair. Although the worst of that disease is gone it has left me with arthritis in both of my legs since then, however I can still walk. If that does not make you humble everyday I do not know what will. I wake up believing there is a reason why I can walk and run without too much pain. Miracles like that don't just happen by chance. So instead of being harsh and critical maybe you should step back and realize, life really is not all that bad. Instead of trying to silence someone promote their voice. Promote good and well being, be someones hero and stand up for whats right. Be a light in a world full of darkness! And for those who are of the older generation I hold you to a higher standard especially. You have seen more things, and done more things than us and that right there should make you feel a sense of conviction to teach the younger generation how to survive and live well. Do not do the opposite and promote dysfunction and chaos.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Objects in the Mirror... Are not like how they Appear

In a world where everyday is a constant battle, I find it ever increasingly difficult to reason why people act the way they do. Over the last two weeks I have encountered more "Christians," than I feel I normally would. Now coming from a person who grew up in church and who professes to be a Christian herself, normally that would excite me, however lately I'm dissatisfied. Unfortunately two people come to my mind immediately on this subject. I will not name names or even recollect the situations but the bottom line is this. If you are going to profess, verbally, physically and emotionally that you are a Christian, that means you have taken on the responsibility of holding yourself to a higher standard. Obviously no Christian is perfect and trust me I am no saint myself, however these encounters I speak of have left me seriously questioning what our churches teach. As I explained to my mother, if you are going to be a closet Christian and never verbally profess your faith aloud, you have that right, however the minute you do, that means you are wanting me to know that you have a relationship with God and in that same breath you should understand that I will now form my opinion accordingly. Personally after a woman this week had the nerve to tell me all in one sentence, "Now I'm a Christian lady but you shut up and listen..." I am second guessing this world I live in. If she had never said that she was a Christian I would have cut her more slack, seeing as how she does not know of God and his Greatness, however now that she verbally claimed to be a Christian and know Christ I am disgusted that those words even came out of her mouth. This opened up a whole new can of worms for me. If I were a nonbeliever and I was near this conversation I would have said to myself, "Wow, so this is what that whole God thing is about? Holding yourself to a higher standard of decency and yet you openly project your voice to claim otherwise?" That would push me farther away from Christ than I already was. My point is this, know your surroundings and be careful before you openly claim a religious base of life, because the moment you do, now others hold you to a higher standard and trust me it is a big challenge but by no means a burden. Think about it....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Character Counts! Seriously...

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make a difference in this world and although I feel like I have accomplished so much, I still have so much ahead of me. One of the biggest ways I can contribute and others can contribute is by having good character. Working in the Real Estate industry I have learned a lot of key lessons. One of the most important is probably the fact that having good character is not valued as much as it used to be. I grew up in a family that was a firm believer, if you did not have your name you had nothing. I still believe that saying today and probably more than I ever have before. Lately I have noticed more and more that people are just trying to get by. Sadly that has become the standard for fitting into society. I am challenging people to not accept that standard and go above and beyond. Be an honest and upfront person, have a back bone and stick to your guns. I have to commend my father on this very subject. When clients come to him they do not have to worry about him sugarcoating anything or worry about being lied to, what you see is what you get and luckily he has passed that trait down to me. My father and mother have been role models in this area and am proud of them more than they will ever know! Times like the ones we are dealing with all around America right now pose a critical question. Can you deal? Are you going to slip into the regular standard of today and barely get by? Or are you going to go above and beyond and make your character the first great thing people have to say about you? Up to you, but remember, you were given a name for a reason, use it and make it be known, for the greater good of people not only for the personal gain you may receive. God Bless.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its funny how things work out...

After 22 years of experience, I can honestly say, life is one heck of a ride. I used to be so concerned with where everything was going and used to try to control every aspect I possibly could. These days, I roll with the punches. It is not that I have given up on things, its mostly because I have learned one of the most valuable lessons a person can learn. Everything will happen in God's time. Even if you are not religious you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. That split second decision to turn left instead of right, the prolonged decision of breaking up with a significant other or not, the choice between tall and grande. No matter the decision or the size of its importance it got you to where you are today. Every decision I have made has contributed to the person I am today and although some may not like it, I am who I am. I have learned so many valuable lessons from so many important people it would be incredibly tedious to list them all. I find one of the most incredible situations to date is the fact I used to have a best friend, we did everything together it was incredible to say the least, over time we grew apart and dislike became disgust. Luckily for me a friendship I had made with one of her friends has turned into one of the most incredible friendships I will probably ever have. I am blessed to have a friend that no matter the lapse in time we can always pick right back up where we left off! Chelsea you have a beautiful heart and I'm blessed for every argument and struggle that has made us best friends through out the years. One of the most courageous things a person can do is to be patient. Sometimes it takes all your strength not to attempt to alter the future, sit back and relax. I did and am currently feeling more complete than ever before. So thank you to every person who said their peace or kept quiet in my time of need. You have helped this girl know exactly where she belongs and it happens to be RIGHT HERE! I am truly blessed <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Customer Service is my Standard... What's yours?

Over the last few weeks I have continually noticed that customer service seems to be a thing of the past. It seems like most of the places I go, everyone is rude or too busy to acknowledge my presence. I have a simple motto I live by, "Customer Service is my Standard." This concept has always come easy to me and I am not sure why so many other people have no gotten the message. I have a theory, if you are a receptionist or a CUSTOMER SERVICE representative, then you better be on top of your game ALWAYS! I am saddened by that fact that we are in a terrible economy and yet we still employ rude people. People need to understand that more than likely there is someone out there that can do their job 10 times better than they can and would appreciate it 10 times more. If a customer walks through your door you should at least have the decency to ask if you may help them, or smile and tell them one moment while you finish your current task. The other day I walked into a Real Estate office and the receptionist had the nerve to stare at me, then in a rude tone say, "Um, do you need something?" Well lets think here, if I came into your office, do you not think I need something? My biggest pet peeve is the lack of customer service in today's society. I feel like people often forget what a blessing it is to have a job at all. Whether it is the worst day of your life or the best, the client never needs to know either way. Your presentation of customer service should never waver. Always remember, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The past... is just the past..

So often we base our lives off of the knowledge we have from the past. The sad reality to this is that things are in the past for a reason. Whether it be physical time, or memories two people once shared, they are generally long gone. The positive side to that statement is that sometimes that is for the best. Obviously there are things in life we all wish we could do over or take back, however it is the scars from long ago that are the building blocks for tomorrow. Everyone must understand that everything happens for a reason and although we may miss the way something was, there is no going back. The person I am today is not one that anyone would have recognized a few short years ago. I barely recognize myself somedays. However, one thing that has always remained the same is the fight to make a difference. I am blessed to have met so many incredible people along this journey and continue to meet more everyday. I am sad that the past may be long gone, however the future seems so much more promising than I could have every imagined. I am forever grateful for every tear I have cried, every moment I have doubted who I am or who I should be and for every word of wisdom ever given to me. I am blessed!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Be a gentleman...

There are many things I wish I would change in this world and most of the time I feel helpless with all of them. However, I think it is time to set the record straight. Men, be a gentlemen. I come from a God fearing family in a rapidly decreasing conservative society. I am fighting an uphill battle I know. Although I am in my early twenties and these are supposed to be the, "time of our lives," when we can do stupid things and get away with them, but I am disheartened by the path my age group is headed down. I feel that love should still be sacred and first dates should remain innocent. I am honestly sad about the fact most men I have encountered are no men at all, but simply boys lost in a world they thought they were prepared for. I have to exclude very few men who are truly incredible and have proven themselves to be legit. For the most part though, it is slim pickens. Men, let me let you in on a secret, be a gentleman and you might just meet the girl of your dreams. Have manners when on a date and at the dinner table, that means no belching, texting or staring at other women. Focus on the woman you are with, eye contact goes a long way. Do not talk the whole evening about your truck or your car, give her a chance to talk about hers as well. Pay for her meal even if she insists you do not. Last but not least, do not go in for the kill, "Kiss," if she is really not giving off that vibe. Forcing it will not get you a second date, or even a text the next day. Just a few suggestions, I am by no means perfect or a relationship therapist, just a girl who would like all of these things.. :)