Saturday, January 21, 2012

Courageous... its the new thing to be!

First off, after talking to my sister she brought to my attention that my mass posts with lack of paragraphs is hard to read and irritating so I am trying something new... Here goes, if only I can remind myself to end a paragraph. Anyways, tonight I watched the movie Courageous. Let me just tell you, I used to not like watching films that were Christian based because they seemed to be done so cheaply, tonight, totally not the case! Such a well made film and with such a good story. After sitting there balling then laughing then balling again, it reaffirmed my foundation for life. God is good! One thing that is weighing on my heart tonight is that I do not think people realize how gracious God is. Although I am no expert and I definitely am not well versed with the bible, I still feel the need to break it down.

I want people to realize that it is never to late to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs you have committed. People get so caught up in feeling like they have done so much wrong in their life that they will never be able to make it right. That is so not true. Everyone has sinned and made plenty of mistakes and by me proclaiming I am a Christian, I am no different. These last few weeks have been a huge eye opener for me. I was put on this earth to be heard and although few may listen at this point, I pray that it will not always be the case. However if only one person hears me and it changes their point of view than I am in pretty good shape. I struggle a lot just like everyone else. My faith has not always been as strong as it is today. I dealt with your typical junior high and high school drama. I swayed my opinions because I wanted to fit in, and made unwise decisions because of the ones who surrounded me. Normally people get embarrassed while talking about things they have done wrong in the past, however with God I am proud of my imperfections and I embrace them because that is what got me to where I am today.

I have such a different mind set lately that I tend to just sit and day dream about all the possibilities out there for me. I used to want to be an actress or a singer and be rich and famous. When now in reality I day dream about starting a charity and being able to serve the Lord in one of many ways possible. I used to be terrified of children, while now I find myself wanting to make a difference in their lives as much as possible. It is really incredible how God can work in your life if you just give him a fair chance. That movie taught me tonight that being COURAGEOUS means standing up for what you believe in. Whether it is faith or values, or saying no to peer pressure, having the courage to be you is more rewarding than anything that anyone else can offer. Going to bed with a joyful heart and a great outlook. Can't wait for church tomorrow. God Bless!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tebow Time!

So the other day I was approached by a coworker saying that she saw that Tim Tebow has a book out. Now me being completely oblivious to pretty much anything concerning football, I had no clue. The only reason I even started following Tim Tebow on Twitter is because of what an incredible follower of Christ he is. He is so young and has such an incredible purpose on this planet it is unbelievable. Random, it was actually really interesting because I was in San Jose, CA a few days ago and my friend and I were sitting at the bar of this restaurant and after much small talk with the bartender we heard he was from Colorado, he then proceeded to tell me a story of how Tim was supposed to be an abortion, but because of his parents unwavering faith they simply could not take a life of another. Now picture this, two girls sitting at a bar talking to the bartender and here we are having a moment of fellowship talking about abortion. Talk about an incredible opportunity. Anyways, that inspired to do a little research and see if his facts were true, lone behold they were! For me this sparked a whole new wave of thoughts to rush into my head. It started to make me rethink all the choices I have made of the years and all the judgments I have passed, I'm not really sure why but a switch in my head was triggered and it exploded. I decided to purchase Tim's book and that sparked a whirlwind of midnight reading and early morning jam sessions. As proud of myself that I am for finishing it in three days flat, I am more proud of the person he is and what he stands for. I have never met him and have no idea if I ever will but let me just say, BRAVO Mr. Tebow, BRAVO! I have been on a mission to pour grace and set a good example for years now and sometimes that is one of the loneliest feelings ever. I am so refreshed to know that I'm not the only young person in my early 20's who actually is trying to achieve the same goal. Everyone can say what a good quarterback he is and how talented he is at football, but does it really matter? After the game ends, win or lose, he has a bigger platform for life than just being athletically talented. If I ever have the chance to meet him, the first words out of my mouth would simply be good job, not for being a great athlete but for being a great disciple of God's word. He has given so many young people the opportunity to see that being a follower of God does not mean that you have to lead a boring life, or spend every waking hour in church, or possibly any other of those ridiculous insinuations, but that leading a life that glorifies God is what truly matters. Perhaps you are reading this and are completely bored, or maybe you have already exited out of the page with irritation, but for most of you, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Whether Tim knows it or not, he has sparked yet another moment of fellowship for complete strangers. Just food for thought! Make today a great day! God Bless!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A pretty heart is better than any designer outfit...

For anyone who knows me they know just how big of an advocate I am for kindness and grace. Even if you just met me you will probably see how much I believe that people should be built up instead of walked all over. I would like to think that God put me on this earth to make a difference and I am quickly finding that, that calling is to be a woman of grace. Although I have always tried to live by this term, it is not always easy and trust me it can be down right frustrating some days but the beauty of God is that through the darkness he always seems to present a glimmer of light and lately its been just enough for me to act on it. I am not sure why certain things happen to certain people and why some have a harder time living in this world than others but what I do know is that if there are not people willing to stand up and speak up then things are only going to get worse. I am a true lover of fashion and purses but to be honest none of that matters when it comes down to who you are. Yes I love to shop and drive a nice vehicle but that does not define who I am. I am a person who is a friend to those who do not have anyone else. I am the one you will try to pick on and knock down but through the ashes I will rise. I am the person who has a heart bigger than Massachusetts. ( I compare everything to Massachusetts, not sure why either, is Massachuesetts even a big state?) I am the person who wakes up every morning with a slight pain in her joints but despite doctors professional opinions I can walk. I am the person who you can call stuck up and I will spend hours proving you wrong because that is not who I am at all. I have to credit my levelheadedness to my mom. She is fabulous at keeping me grounded and is constantly reminding me of how others might perceive that I am a particular way. I did not used to appreciate it till lately, although I can not change everyones opinions I am making it my mission to pour grace to those around me and to those I just meet. This is NOT a New Year's resolution but it is time to start a new path and encourage others to do the same. My faith in God is a huge reason for why I believe in making a difference, without the constant feeling of his presence I would be lost. Therefore if I am the only God a person will ever see, I want it to count. God Bless everyone! Make today a great day!