Monday, February 27, 2012

Women and Respect

Ahh it has been so long since I have been on, that's what I get for a crazy work and school schedule. This last month has been filled with everything from chaos and excitement to irritation and sadness. The good thing about it however is that this month is almost over! :) Today's topic of discussion is women and respect. Sadly these two words rarely go hand in hand. I have always been a very respectful person, my parents did a really good job at making sure I was, however it saddens me that other parents apparently missed the boat. I live by the saying, "How do you expect a man to respect you if you do not respect yourself?"

Not to put myself on a pedestal but seriously? What are women today thinking? My heart feels sad for some women these days. I have found that there are no boundaries in their heads between right and wrong, just and unjust and a simple concept of how to be a decent human being. I am no perfect person however this month has been truly appalling. As most of you know every blog post is sparked by a person or event and this one is no different. There is no point in even describing the event because she does not deserve 15 minutes of fame at my expense. However let me say this. Never cast the first stone and call out judgment on those you have never met and do not know. As Christians we have a duty to wear armor and protect people from as much devil as possible. For the last few weeks I have been the focus of this, "Christians," attacks and I have got to say, the beautiful thing about God is he always shows you the way. Yesterday I went to church and once again the sermon is just what I needed.

At the end of the sermon my pastor stated, "some people wish to bring harm to others, there is punishment for the wicked." Although this, "Christian," has done everything in her power to call me out and accuse me (a complete stranger to her) that I am NOT a follower of God I find peace in knowing God makes the final judgment. I am a firm believer that God brings events and people into your life to make you stronger and if that is the case, I should be the next Hulk. I am sending out a peaceful reminder to all who struggle with casting the first stone, be aware that God views every type of sin as all the same. There is no sin greater than the other, so before you let your tongue and emails wonder you should probably put yourself in check and pray. Everyone makes mistakes and just as I he will forgive you, however at the point you continue your antics, that is between you and God. I have washed my hands from this situation and it will go no further. I answer to God and I can say I am honestly excited to be surrounded by His love.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things could always be worse...

As with most of my blog posts something sparks my attention and gives me good food for thought. The other day I was sitting in my truck eating ice cream when I noticed a handicapped van pulling into a parking spot in front of me. I watched intently as the driver of the vehicle pulled out the wheelchair ramp and a young disabled girl rolled her way on out of the van. I was taken back by this and really started thinking how blessed I am. Generally I am a very optimistic person however after the last few weeks I have felt my optimism fade. To give you a little background as to why, here goes.

I was diagnosed with a rare (very rare, super rare, like 1 in a million rare) disease in my bones at the age of 10. It truly affected my life and altered it in a pretty big way for being so young. It is described as an auto inflammatory disease. When I was diagnosed I was the 36th kid in the United States to ever have it. Scary! Anyways, it affected my way of life and made it incredibly hard to walk, run and even get out of bed in the morning. I was devastated at the thought that I would possibly be confined to a wheel chair at such a young age. It truly took an emotional toll on me and my way of thinking. Luckily it only lasted half a year and went away. It was considered a miracle because almost every other kid diagnosed was still unable to walk. I was told there was a 99.9% chance it would come back and come back worse, however a miracle happened for it to go away so I didn't really listen.

Now everyone knows I have continued to live life like I have nothing to lose. I stay optimistic and encouraging to everyone around me. Unfortunately over the last few months I have been feeling that pain that I used to know all to well. Not only is it in my ankles like it was before but now in my knees. I am terrified. However after seeing that girl in that wheelchair, I know that it can truly be worse. I have a gut feeling this disease has come back, and if it has, I know that God will get me through it. I know that God never gives us more than what we can handle. He must know I can handle a lot!! I appreciate everyones prayers and happy thoughts! I have a great support system and fabulous family. I consider myself very lucky and even though the pain can often bring me to tears, I am greatly comforted thanks to my faith in God. I hope everyone takes the time to realize that things can always be worse, and although I have struggles in my future I am still very grateful that it is not worse. Have a great day everybody and God bless!