Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready, Set.... FINISH!

Let the countdown begin... School is out in less than a month and my life has officially become all about group projects and finals. Although its been hard to make time for other things, like life, its the sweet little reminders that make me remember to come up for air.  This week has been beyond hectic with being sick and trying to coordinate 4 group projects, yes that's right 4 groups with 4 sets of different people. Let me just say, organizing is not one of my strong points and this week it had to be. Anyway, this morning I got to sleep in and enjoyed every second of it.  As soon as I woke up immediately I remembered everything I have to do today, and then looked at my phone...

My amazing sister called.  Normally when she leaves a voicemail its either seriously important or some random thought she had.  Today is was more hilarious than normal.  She called to tell me that this was the anniversary of when Beethoven created my favorite song Fur Elise (the only song I can play on the piano from memory).  This random voicemail made me crack up with hysterical laughing because she always gives me a hard time about never memorizing any other song, and because she had a giggle in her voice that took me straight back to when she was a little kid.  What Steph did not realize is how much I needed to hear that message.  I have been so stressed and worried about school that I have pretty much forgotten about everything else. 

Which brings me to today's discussion topic.  Family, where would we be without them? The beauty about being in a family is that they are genetically tied to you from the point of birth to the rest of your life.  Whether or not you actually get along with them is another story.  I am beyond blessed to have my family because they have supported me through every single thing I ever wanted to do.  It is easy to get caught up with everything in life and forget to remember that without people to share it with, it would have no meaning.  I can't remember how many times I told my family I wasn't going to college after high school, and now I am pulling better grades than ever and will be starting a VERY exciting internship in June. Do not be one of those people to be so concerned with life and its "stuff" that you forget who you are and who you have. 

My sister means the world to me and I can honestly say that although we may have had our arguments over the years, there is not one single thing I would not do for her.  From long road trips across the US and crazy nights, to bobsledding down the hall and random adventures chasing transit buses, she is my very best friend and love her dearly.  God is so great and merciful, He has given me so much and put people in my life to remind me of His grace.  Who is the person who keeps you grounded? Have you thanked them today? Do me a favor and give them a hug! Have a great Friday everyone, be safe and be blessed! :)

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