Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Reasons to shop at Target!

Well I have finally come off my summer vacation and if you havent noticed it was a 3 month long hiatus from blogging! I did a lot of traveling and a lot of working but most of all I did a lot of thinking.  I was blessed to receive an internship opportunity with Target and I honestly had no idea what I was in for.  I really did think in the beginning of the summer that I was going to gain work experience, however now almost at the end, I gained so much more than that.  Target is a great company to work for, shop at and get involved with.  Over this last summer I was able to get involved with the community and give back in so many ways.  People either love or hate Target, personally I do not know how anyone could hate it but thats just me.

I was a devoted Target shopper long before I started working there and sadly working there has only fueled the fire.  That being said, I am even more proud to shop there after this summer I just experienced.  Target cares! Thats the bottom line.  It is not all about money and selling products for them it is about giving back and helping people in the communities surrounding Target stores.  Not only do we care about the community, we care about education! Target is on goal to have donated 1 billion dollars to education by 2015. Thats INCREDIBLE! At least you know your money is going to good use when you shop there. 

What prompted this blog post of mine might you ask?  Well yesterday I had the priveledge of being apart of a community event with Target.  We partnered with the Salvation Army to help children who were less fortunate have a mini shopping spree at Target! Each child was given $80.00 to use for school supplies, clothes and even food for their lunches.  I was fortunate enough to get partnered with a 6 year old girl who truly touched my heart.  She was so grateful to get a new pair of hot pink shoes and some new clothes for school.  Everything that came out of her mouth could have easily brought me to tears, and after it was all over with it did bring me to tears.  I am beyond grateful for the life that I have been given.  I was given two healthy and able parents who worked exceedingly hard to provide for my sister and I.  I never had to know what it was like to never have had a new pair of shoes or a jacket to wear to school.  It is a humbling experience to spend an hour with a 6 year old who has had so many trials in her life already at that age, then I have had to deal with for the most of mine. 

The amount of times I counted my blessings yesterday was truly remarkable.  Every single thing I did yesterday reminded me of how lucky I am.  I am blessed to work for Target and am thrilled that I get to help contribute to making a difference in kids lives just like that 6 year olds yesterday.  I have a heart to give and a day like yesterday reminds me of what it is all about! GO SUPPORT TARGET!!!

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