Monday, September 24, 2012

100 things about me... (I stole my sister's idea!!!)

So after reading my sisters 100 things you wont know, it occured that a) I did not know a lot of things about my sister and b) It would be fun to do it myself.  So here goes.

1. I believe in God.
2. I like trucks.  Not just regular trucks, big lifted trucks!
3. In the last election I voted for McCain.
4. If I had the choice I would take Mint N Chip ice cream for $1.68 from Rite Aid over a $3.50 scoop anywhere else.
5. I was Golfer of the Year my Senior year of high school.
6. I am obsessed with the color pink!
7. I would love to write a book at some point in my life.
8. I  have been to 33 states and Canada.
9. The first time I flew was with my two best friends at the time to Maryland to see my exboyfriend.
10. I am severely closterphobic which my sister used to love to provoke by trying to cover my head with a pillow.
11. When my family moved into our new house, my sister and I created the bobsled, where we would run down the hall and slam into my bed.
12. My sister is responsible for breaking one of my arms (Don't worry I forgive her, it was partially my fault.)
13. I have been in the Budweiser blimp, like the one that flies over the superbowl.
14. My first major surgery was getting my tonsils removed and it was an absolute nightmare.
15. I didnt like my now brother in law for a few months after meeting him.  ( I love him to the moon and back now)
16. Everyone says I came out of the womb talking up a storm.
17. I am really good with computers.
18. I used to get made fun of my 8th grade year for having bangs.
19. My first car was a Toyota Cressida.
20. My dad used to call me spider monkey.
21. My first kiss was from a boy who was my best friend from kindergarten to 8th grade.
22. Ive dated more guys than I had ever wanted to, still not willing to settle.
23.  I used to be able to fit my whole body through a coat hanger, I have pictures to prove it.
24.  I invented the halt caboot way of stopping. (dont ask)
25. I was offered a scholarship to CSU Monterey Bay for golf and turned it down.
26. I have only been spanked once in my life and I think it hurt my dad more than me.
27. My moms parents always accused my sister and I of leaving butt prints in the back seat of their dodge on long road trips.
28. I absolutely hate getting gas because everytime I fill up my truck I could buy a pair of expensive MissMe jeans.
29. I have broken two toes from running down the hallway and catching them on door jams.
30. I have had more concussions than anyone should ever experience.
31. I played softball in high school but am actually really terrified of the sport. (1 concussion came from softball)
32. I think my sister is by far one of the most incredible people I could have ever been blessed with to be my sister.
33. I am beyond close to my family.
34. I once got grounded for shoving peas down the bathroom sink so I wouldn't have to eat them. (It got clogged and my dad was pissed!)
35. I have chronically chewed gum for so many years that I medically cant chew it anymore because my jaw muscle is "tired" and cant handle it anymore.
36. I have only gotten in two minor accidents, one, the lady parked illegally in an exit driveway, (the cop said it still didnt give me a reason to hit it, well obviously!) The second was when I backed into my mothers beautiful diesel truck.  Yes both times I hit parked cars. :(
37. I'm notorious for driving to the country when i'm upset.
38. My fifth grade teacher tried to fail me and have me held back because I couldnt go on the annual 5th grade trip to camp green meadows, he was even aware the reason I missed it was because my grandma was battling cancer and that same year lost her fight. 
39. When I was little my dad would let my sister and I was his hair in our Fisher Price sink and i'm confident that is why he is balding because we were anyting but gentle.
40.  I was the 36th kid in the US to be diagnosed with a rare auto inflammatory disease which attacks your muscles, at the age of 11.
41. My sister used to call me a big pile of poop when I was a baby, I think she meant well, not sure haha.
42. I once got stage 3 bronchitis from mowing the lawn.
43. I honestly dont know if I want children.
44. I popped my knew out while walking to the shower then a month later proceeded to climb Mount Rushmore in a leg brace that went from my hip to my ankle.  My father had to carry me down because I was in so much pain.
45. Last semester was the only time in my college career that I have not gotten a C and only got A's and B's.
46. I was denied by my parents insurance at one time for having acid reflux.
47. I used to be glued to my mothers hip when I was a child. 
48. I hate to read and the only things I ever enjoyed reading were Bernstein Bear books. 
49.  One of my most prideful moments is when my parents renewed their wedding vows and my dad let me hold the rings.
50. I dont like eating coconut.
51. I have a bad habit of exaggerating the size of a spider just so my dad will come rushing in and kill it.  Then harass me for my size comparison later.
52. I had a security blanket when I was a kid and it was called my lovey.
53. I have only ever lived in two houses.
54. My grandpa taught me how to drive out in Firebaugh, in his old scout, right next to a river. Mom was not happy.
55. I was terrified of rollercoasters till my dad convinced me to try and get on one, he had a very difficult time peeling me off of it because I fell in love with them.
56. I hate swimming but am proud I know how. I would consider myself a glorified floater when it comes to water.
57. I used to want to be a professional ice skater.
58. I am a very friendly person and can find something to talk about with almost anyone.
59. I am better at helping others communicate than I am with applying it to my own life.
60. Half the time when I talk I talk too fast and my grandpa can never understand what i'm saying.
61. I love being on stage singing and acting.
62. I was brought up with the knowledge that it is completely acceptable to eat dessert before dinner.
63. I dont like fish sticks.
64. I love quads.
65. I hate cleaning my room.
66. My favorite lines that I quote from movies are, "Its okay, I make lamb" and, "So you were in the shower?"
67. I have few close friends and most of them are guys.
68. My dad and I have a handshake that we do almost everynight before I go to bed.
69. I am a manager for a major corporation.
70. Once while fishing on vacation I accidently hooked my sister on to the line while winding up to cast out.
71. I have a crush on Tim Tebow.
72. I believe God is why I am alive and well right now.
73. I have my Notary commission and have had it since 6 months after I turned 18.
74. I will own my own 5th wheel one day.
75. I have only towed our trailer once and it was not a pleasant experience, a squirrel ran out in front of me and immediately my dad told me to NOT hit the breaks.
76. I have been on television.
77. My sister and I used to have enough barbie accessories that we would build a barbie camp in our living room.
78. I have been told by a teacher that he feels sorry for me that I was passed along in school and was told I was a good writer.  Thats funny because I have received spots on television, in magazines and awards for my writing. Just saying.
79. I was brought up knowing you are not entitled to success you have to make it happen on your own.
80. I used to have a play house that had the same address as my house but had 1/2 after it.  (It really did have an address on the side of it, it was legit.)
81. My dad never questioned whether he should show my sister and I how to shoot, fish, golf or camp and I am so grateful for that.
82. When I get my feelings hurt you will hear about it within an hour of it happening.
83. I hate being upset for more than a day.
84. I can't go to bed angry.
85. I am obsessed with sunflower seeds.
86. My parents met on a blind date, my sister and her husband met on a blind date so apparently that might be an option for me..
87. I love wearing cowboy boots.
88. My first concert was Keith Urban, my second was Rascal Flatts and Jay DeMarcus bent down off stage to hug me. I cried.
89. I dont like raw fish, or fish at all besides shrimp.
90. I have no patience for people who merge onto the freeway doing 45 miles an hour, Get it together people!
91. I begged my dad to get a dog and a month later lost interest in taking care of it.
92. All the girls in my family drive trucks and my dad drives an expedition.
93. I love Disney movies and Disneyland.
94. I dont like to party or drink.
95. I was raised to be a respectable, responsible young lady.
96. I love make up.
97. I would rather buy a purse than a shirt.
98. I now own more red and khaki than I ever thought I would.
99. My parents always said to be a leader not a follower.
100. I would do anything for my family and friends that I love so much.